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Jun 21, 2015

alternator said:
A tennis SARMs positive
Fairly small fry, Beatriz Haddad Maia - a Brazilian player ranked 99 in the world with a career high of #58.

Unsure what to make of it, she's ranked low enough that doping testing is probably not even a monthly occurrence for her.

The positive was actually from an in-competition test (which Victor Conte famously described as an IQ test for those who fail them!)

That said,Beatriz Haddad Maia is not included in the ITF's current international registered testing pool (so does not have to report out-of-competition whereabouts to the ITF's anti-doping program).

I suspect the same was true in 2018. but despite this, it seems that she was tested 9 times out-of-competition :eek:

How do you test someone 9 times OOC when you don't know where they are?
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Forever The Best said:
Red Rick said:

The same Serena who used lots of backdated TUEs? Colour me not surprised.
Serena twits in the third person? Color me not surprised!