Teams & Riders The Amazing Race to Most Top10 Without a Win

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Coquard definitely wins. Having taken the lead yesterday, he was smart enough to simply not be in the front of the Boucles de L'Aulne today.
And with 23 he also got more than Almeida had when he cracked, so there's no doubt about it.

I hope Coquard finally gets that first major victory. He's off to a great start.
And I decided to back the right rider for once.
23 - B. Coquard
22 - M. Matthews
18 - M. Teunissen
16 - F. Bonnamour, G. Ciccone, L. Mozzato, S. Aniołkowski, J. Haig
15 - N. Bouhanni, V. Albanese, M. Sarreau, H. Hofstetter, M. Walscheid
14 - J. Degenkolb, A. Pasqualon, P. Allegaert, W. Kelderman
13 - A. Dainese, M. Mørkøv, G. Van Avermaet, S. Higuita, F. Fiorelli, G. Vermeersch, Q. Pacher
12 - A. Covi, T. Van der Sande, E. Grosu, M. Kwiatkowski, A. Capiot
11 - F. Masnada, S. Consonni, O.C. Eiking, B. McNulty, O. Rodríguez, J. Lastra, S. Oldani, D. de la Cruz, A. Turgis, M. Skjelmose, R. Barbier, R. Adriá, G.Martín Sanz
10 - N. Oliveira, C. Rodríguez Cano, J. Amezqueta, J. Shaw, L. Hamilton, T. Benoot
9 - E. Affini, R. Oliveira, D. McLay, A. Vuillermoz, R. Janse Van Rensburg, K. Aasvold, G. Carboni, I. Van Wilder, R. Thalmann, G. Lonardi, R. Minali

Most top 10 before first win
22 - J. Almeida
17 - M. Trentin
14 - A. Vlasov, M. Cattaneo
13 - D. van Poppel, A. Kristoff, M. Menten
12 - P. Ackermann, F. Gaviria, M. Hirschi, K. Halvorsen, B. Welten
11 - J. Aberasturi, N. Politt, R. Bardet, M. Landa
10 - R. Porte, H. Carthy, C. Champoussin
9 - A. Greipel, D. Caruso, M. Mohorič, B. O'Connor, J. Steimle
8 - B. Hermans, N. Schultz, W. Barguil, O. Kooij
Even though I'm happy for him, I'm also a bit disappointed with Coquard. But if you have to go out eventually, it's obviously better to do it early on instead of going nuclear when your name is already written on the trophy, like Almeida did.
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