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The Grand 2022 Wollongong UCI Road World Championships Thread, September 18th-25th

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But it was multiple seconds. The front group seemed to just watch her as she zoomed past. I even thought it was deliberate that they were letting her go. Coz she's AVV with a broken elbow and all.

Lotte Kopecky can bang her handlebars as much as she likes but for her sake I hope the emotion was directed at herself.

Id agree, it was that kind of what no-ones reacting to that move, its got to be a deliberate let her go tire herself out, oh wait theres only a few more corners to go...Lotte has been quoted as saying she only hesitated for a second and thats what cost her the win...yeah that 1 second plus the rest of the other 10s of seconds you sat there watching AVV just ride up the road. I hope the emotion is directed at herself and all the other riders as well who leave this championship empty handed with nothing
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And also fined for the skinsuit, apparently. Very strange situation and another case of UCI being useless.

(FYI, not suggesting she should be disqualified, just that the comissaires should have made her change the socks/skinsuit before the race.)

maybe its an obvious answer and Im being particularly dumb for asking, but how did she end up with non compliant socks/skinsuit, if these are Dutch team issue ? this isnt back to the days of Nicole sewing Sky logos onto her kit the day before the race kind of thing, surely all the Dutch riders have the same "non compliant" team kit, right... ?
Compared to the impression I had of the route a week ago, it's clear to me after having seen it in action and with newer profiles that it is more uneven. Mount Pleasant is hard and at times very steep, but I still think it's a quite punchy climb. The long section of flat between the climbs means that I still think it will all come down to the last lap.

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