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Teams & Riders The Remco Evenepoel is the next Eddy Merckx thread

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Masnada seems much more open to work for Evenepoel than he was for Almeida in the Giro of 2020 though.

Another one from Bahrain whose contract expires and could be a good signing is Poels. He has the experience of being a mountain domestique and has a history with QS. Couple of years older than Teuns, but he has been quite good this year.
Masnada himself has said that he has a good relationship with Remcothat has formed pver various training camps, he seems to have no problem with working for Remco as long as the team is open about it and lets him ride for himself in other races (like Romandie last year)
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dumbest tactics that i think i have ever seen.

just so dumb.

to be the most energetic member of a break with 3 Ineos riders in it.

he should have been willing to let it fail as soon as he realized how outnumbered he was. why not sit on, immediately and let Ala and other teammates come back to the break? I kept thinking he must know that he is unbelievably strong and can drop this group later, but no... i mean, seriously, wtf was he thinking?

It's somewhat of a catch-22 at least for his personlal goals. He knows he can't win in sprint so he needs to breakaway. The problem was he in a strong group and had no help as he was seen as most likely danger man in the group.

He absolutely needs to stop leading so much. He's got to learn to put in slightly less work than others in a breakaway and look to make decisive moves.

I think he's so deperate to win and/or not lose that he feels he has to do the work so he can win.
Pro cycling is entertainment, and Remco is entertaining.

People noticed him when he, for example, became European Champion in the Cycling Road Race as a junior, aged 18. It was 2018 in Czech Republic. The race was almost 120 kms long (I think, 118 kms), and he finished it 9 minutes and 44 seconds faster than the winner of the Silver medal.

Or his victory in Clasica San Sebastian, at age 19 (normally first year of the U23 category). He won in front of van Avermaet, who was Road Race Olympic Champion at that time.

Or remember when Remco beat Ganna even in time trials…

In recent times, Remco had to face few disappointments: his crash in Lombardia, disappointing mountain stages, etc. . He, however, still is a showman, and his behaviour is quite funny and entertaining.

Most cyclists who are as strong as he is, are rather reserved and fear losing energy unnecessarily. Remco is different. I feel that quite many people like him because he is a strong cyclist and a showman. I expected that he would become much more quiet after Lombardia and losses on the bike, but he‘s still the same.

Remco reminds me a little bit of professionals like Jose Maria Jimenez (in his happier days)… :)
Outnumbered and what was going on with his tire traction on the cobbles? Too much air? Tire compound? That would be frustrating to have to fight back after each climb.

I've wondered about his issues going uphill on gravel/cobbles and normally that either a tire pressure issue or an issue related to pedling cadence. Sure he's a smaller guy but it feels like he's trying to push to high a gear. I also noticed this with his climbing as well.
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Overworked himself today as yet again QS underwhelmed in a classic leaving just 1 guy performing as with Asgreen in the Ronde.

The fan club is biased but I do agree that if you are going to use cobbled hills then the tarmac gutter should be blocked off to force all the riders to actually ride on the cobbles.
I understand the gripe, but just like riding on cobbles, being able to ride in the gutter is a technique and also partly about positioning and timing.
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I've wondered about his issues going uphill on gravel/cobbles and normally that either a tire pressure issue or an issue related to pedling cadence. Sure he's a smaller guy but it feels like he's trying to push to high a gear. I also noticed this with his climbing as well.
We've all notice that his diesel approach to longer, gradual climbs are his style but you may have the answer for this instance.
Yes it’s a skill but not one I think should be an option for riders to demonstrate
That's a practically unavoidable skill every racer acquires. You are constantly avoiding obstacles, looking for clearance in a raging pack of riders. You ride on top of spectators if it'd make a passable riding surface since they are in the road. Complaining about it is pointless.
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I find it hard to understand Remco's riding on the Hertstraat (the cobbled climb where he didn't dare to ride in the gutter).
I don't even remember ever having seen a rider getting dropped in this way, only to come back several times (it has to be said that Barguil was crucial getting back).

Was it tire pressure that made him slip on the cobbles? Was Remco afraid from pedal clearance?
He's a much better rider (technically) but he is still lacking e.g. his line in curves, the way he tackles cobbles, the way he doesn't dare to ride in the gutter...
Ofcourse those are top, but when you compare e.g. how MvdP and Pogacar take curves, there is still some work to do for Remco.

If this race was dry, Remco would have been a much bigger favourite. Now with the wet conditions, he couldn't keep pressure and was on the backfoot too many times.