Teams & Riders The Remco Evenepoel is the next Eddy Merckx thread

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Should we change the thread title?

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I woke up this morning in the western part of North Carolina, ready for a nice ride up some mountains. But before I took off my mind told me that Remco had a great chance to win today and that he probably would. My "espn" is coming back to me. ;)
I think it's reasonable to wait for the first milestone (to deliver an elite climbing performance) or for the Vuelta (if he is able to stay in contention there). If he delivers both there, be free to expect him to win a GT. If he delivers neither this year, wait with the GT hype.
ok..I understand and I basically agree with that, but surely even a small drawing can be made after today.
Now that Alap has a confirmed punctured lung and broken ribs, should the audible be called and send Remco to the tour if Alap cannot go? Could Suisse be a determining factor (if he wins or even top 5s there)

If Alap cannot ride the tour, he likely would ride the Vuelta.

What other options does QS have? I don't think Remco can win the tour, but he could win 3-4 stages (the 2 TTs and some of the shallow MTFs) and finish top 5
Remco surprised me a lot today as I said earlier. I said many times he couldn't win Liege and he proved me wrong. It was a beautiful win. So now I won't comment on what he can do regarding GTs.

I still think he more has the capabilites for climbs like they have in Liege than MTFs in the Vuelta. But he surprised me today so he can surprise me again.
yes I agree...but what I'm trying to say is that with today's performance his future ability in a GT will be greater.
If so, only very, very little. His performance today doesn't translate well to a GT performance. Neither Jungels's nor Fuglsang's wins (different as they were) said much about their chance to win a GT. And Fuglsang was clearly the strongest in the race uphill, we can't say the same for Evenepoel.