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Should we change the thread title?

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Ahh, Swedish dance bands ... :D

We have those in Denmark too.

I wonder how many countries have those kinds of bands - or if it is a Scandinavian thing?

Crap bands of middle aged men wearing matching cartoonish outfits, while playing crap original music that all sounds like the same 80s ABBA song - but with moronic Danish texts - usually for a rural audience past the age of 50.
I think most countries have some variation of the dance band routine. Music for the elderly to sway around to ("some dance to remember, some dance to forget") and think they're teenagers again. The baby boomers shuffling along.
Outside of Scandinavia I'd guess it's most cover bands who turn up for weddings, working men's clubs etc.
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I don’t think this years Vuelta is a good benchmark for Remco’s performance in GT’s. Without covid the Giro would’ve been a great comparison.

I can definitely see him finish on the podium, time will tell.
Not so much about the podium but how far from the winner w.r.t time. 5+ will be back to drawing board. 2- will set the scene for many exciting battles in the future.
I thought it was "out of the pants". Which is fantastic.
Nowadays "broek" means pants (rather trousers, to be correct), but a long time ago it also had a totally different meaning, namely "marshy ground/swamp". Basically, the meaning of his name is the same as "Vandenbroucke", which isn´t an uncommon name in Flanders. The word has the same origin as the English "brook". Etymologically the two meanings of broek have nothing to do with each other, so I don´t know where the current meaning of broek came from.
Oct 30, 2023
Remco all in for the tour is the best hope for Pog to win. They can both mix it up with random attacks in ways that Vingo is far less comfortable with. He just needs to stay in contention long enough to be relevant.
Agreed. Vingo has to cover all of these attacks. Pressure is entirely on him as returning two-peat champion.
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