The twilight zone called Portugal.

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That's right, yes. However, it got held against him more because it was the year that Euskaltel folded, so Movistar, having already contracted Marque before the Euskaltel collapse, used it as a pretext to void the contract and free up some funds which they used to hire Igor Antón who had held on longer than many of his teammates and was therefore available at a comparative bargain price.
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My understanding is Nocentini rides for a CT team which are not part of the Biological passport program - I must be missing information.
I think Nocentini has been part of a year-long anti-doping investigation by CONI. They can put any rider into biological passport. What he isn't is part of CADF testing pool where this happens automatically once you are at World Tour & Pro Conti level. ie once International level.
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Nocentini suggested that blood samples taken during the Volta a Portugal in uncontrolled conditions might be at fault.
"On more than one occasion with my teammates we wanted to refuse to undergo tests in unsanitary or inappropriate situations," but said riders were afraid to complain. "Once I had two tubes of blood taken and at the end of the check they gave me one in my hand, saying it was extra and I could keep it as a souvenir. Another time I had to take the test in the hotel lobby because, they said, there wasn't even a free room."
He said that during the Tour of Portugal at the centre of the dispute, "I remember that it was very hot and we had pointed out that the samples could not remain for 2 or 3 hours at 50°C. In the checks I was subjected to at home, they rightly checked the temperature of the environment."
Should be relative simply for him to prove the temperature issue as the kits come with a temperature logger and this log is used by the labs to determine if the samples have been in conditions outside the expected criteria.
If Nocentini's samples have been improperly stored which has resulted in a false positive, he only has himself to blame.
Have you heard the Nocentini story?
Yesterday he got tested, but they didn't know where to store the B sample, so they just gave it back to him, making the whole test meaningless because of the missing B sample.
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