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These Amstels are making me thirsty! 2024 Women's Amstel Gold Race, April 14

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Who will win this year's race?

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This race is produced by NOS. I'll let you in on their way of thinking:

Question 1: Is the thing we wish to broadcast speed skating or a variant thereof?
> Yes: Pump all the resources we have into production, commentating, analysis on site and Kleintje Pils.
> No: Move on to question 2.

Question 2: Is it football?
> Yes: Acceptable, we will show matches of the national team.
> No: Move on to question 3.

Question 3: Are Dutch athletes generally considered to be 'good' in said sport?
> Yes: Spend very little money into it so it looks like we are invested, when we just don't give a damn.
> No: Move on to question 4.

Question 4: There is no question 4. You can piss off and your sport will get nothing.

To summarize: no, there are no resources for anything.
You missed one important question: Can we somehow involve Dione de Graaff, who still knows f*ck all about every sport ever despite working for the sports department for 30 years?
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Problem of the circuit, so long between meaningful parts that as soon as anybody behind commits to chasing the group, the benefit of working from distance is completely annulled. All meaningful climbs bar the Cauberg are long gone.

Our best hope might simply be a Niewiadoma 2017 Tour of Britain situation where the bunch are happy to call SD Worx's bluff. Canyon and Visma have got riders up the road but Trek have not which will probably spell doom for the break in the long run.
Looks like that's gonna Koster her a lot of energy.
I was just thinking "hmmm, Longo Borghini is very quiet on the Cauberg and a little way down when others are trying to place themselves, is she planning something?" when she attacked.

However they've got like, 4 seconds so I don't see any way by which this doesn't come back together.

Edit: and it already has. Worthless 2012 circuit.