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These Amstels are making me thirsty! 2024 Women's Amstel Gold Race, April 14

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Who will win this year's race?

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And lots of situations better signage have proven useful.
It's more that that sign is what is apparently going to save the sport, but it was of no more value than a static sign, showed no more information than if the lights were just a corner, it just blinked every so often, adding absolutely nothing.

As advertisements for the impressive nature of their product go, that did absolutely nothing. I'm sure they'll then go "well corners where we placed our signage did not see any crashes", like it actually means anything when placed in circumstances like that.
Group 2 syndrome but Group 2 is like 60 people
Probably helps that Canyon are one of the teams with a rider up front, they are well placed and have Niewiadoma prominent, but they aren't going to give 100% because they have every reason to believe in Bauernfeind up front and obviously aren't going to chase.

It also helps that with no Lippert, Movistar arren't interested in bringing anything back either.
I am starting to think that riders believe that they have another lap otherwise its really difficult to understand what a team like SD Works is doing.

the teams social media handlers all were reporting the 3 lap thing, youd hope the DS's were clued in, but I bet we do hear post race some of them thought there was another lap as I cant see why theyd let a min gap stay like this with only 6km to go
Can someone rationally explain this women’s race?
The circuit is terrible so nobody wants to expend effort outside of the Cauberg.

The break went away and they got it close enough to catch, but then every team other than Trek and SD Worx, because they are super OP, have said to them that it's their job to chase. They've been bluffing each other because they both have multiple weapons and don't want to let the other team hit the final climb with more weapons at their disposal than them.

Canyon are the next strongest team on paper and they have a woman in the breakaway, so they're disrupting the chase, but they're able to get multiple riders up near the front.

Kopecky's getting concerned about them not catching the breakaway and superseding her own domestiques in order to get the work done.

There's a good chance now that the extension to the circuit on the last lap doomed the breakaway as they could well have held on had they done the 'normal' circuit but they've lost another 10-15" on the extension and it shouldn't be enough once the big guns open the taps on the Cauberg.