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These Amstels are making me thirsty! 2024 Women's Amstel Gold Race, April 14

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Who will win this year's race?

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Always hilarious when that happens. Dumb cyclist
TBH Wiebes is a box of rocks when it comes to riding with common sense, she gets in a lot of crashes, both that she causes herself and that she gets involved in due to poor placement.

But when she opened up that sprint barrier-side of Longo Borghini I thought there was a chance of a crash down there, so the fact they got to the line cleanly was a step in the right direction.
I checked, and not once, but twice she changed teams before her contract ended. didn't remember that
She (well, her agent) literally pushed for a contract that has a clause saying she can automatically break any contract if somebody else offers more money. She is just a follow-the-dollar-signs mercenary, but fortunately for her she's good enough that she can do that.

The BS she pulled on Parkhotel was appalling though.

She signs a contract. Then somebody else offers a bigger contract like, a week later, and she signs that despite already having signed a contract. Parkhotel then argued that they had a contract, and could only break it if there was a breach of contract. Lorena argued she should be allowed to break it to take more money, Parkhotel argued that she shouldn't, Lorena's agent argued that this constituted an irreconcilable difference of opinion and was a justification to say that Parkhotel had breached the contract and she should be allowed to sign elsewhere.
What a Zabel!

I understand the will to cross the line with the arms up, but..just if you are alone.
She came from the side and faster than all the others, looked at her right so thought she was all alone in front, but should’ve stayed on the side.
But I would always sprint to the line, even do a bike throw if I’m 10m ahead to be sure.
In this headwind, strange do to it. Should be rule #1.