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Teams & Riders Tom Dumoulin discussion thread

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Jul 29, 2016
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Stella0596 said:
LaFlorecita said:
EroicaStradeBianche said:
lartiste said:
for me, there is only one sad issue with TD - he is not updating his twitter since October, before he was really doing well, even during pre-season preparation in Africa, nothing now

PS: shake hands issue - it is fair to do that, when the race is over and emotions calmed. The race is over tomorrow. So, what is the problem?

Check his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tomdumoulin90/
That's freaking hilarious :lol: 46k followers and 1 picture!

And he's verified! Haha

Most probably you have to be approved to see the content?
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Red Rick said:
Blanco said:
classicomano said:
cellardoor said:
Is he planning to ride the Tour to target the TT, dom for Keldermann or have a serious shot at it?
He wants to try for GC.

I doubt he will do anything important in terms of GC there. This Giro was way too hard, and he can't sustain his form for so long, or reach new peak so quickly.
They've explicitly said they thought it was possible. Dumoulin was super tired, but his performances weren't really getting worse at the end of the Giro.

He's also explicitly stated he does not want to go to the Tour if he can do nothing there. I doubt he'll go to the Tour just to go for breakaways.

I also think Dumoulin would be a pretty solid lock for the Vuelta podium if he were to go there.

I'm sure they think it is possible, but I think he'll fade there, we'll see.
Wow! That is an awesome video. My takeaways:
1. He seems to have been the only one who expected Froome to do what he did but miscalculated his own abilities a little bit/simply made the wrong decision in the moment re: Reichenbach. Interesting that he seemed certain that Froome is super strong and will attack exactly where he did but did not seem to have any concerns about Yates.

Tom Dumoulin: "If I reach the summit within a half a minute or minute behind well I can close a gap of half a minute in the descent but if it is over a minute behind Froome at the summit it is going to be very hard."

2. I am sure this is true of all of the riders, but, man, he was borderline punch drunk at this point in the race. Definitely exhausted, and you can tell he didn't think he had enough in the tank. "If I magically have the legs," etc. But he rode like a champion through the exhaustion.

Great video. Big fan of Major Tom.

cellardoor said:
Is he planning to ride the Tour to target the TT, dom for Keldermann or have a serious shot at it?

Kelderman is supposed to only ride the TDF for a stagewin and to prepare for the Vuelta GC, so makes no sence for Dumoulin to ride to be a helper for him. With the Vuelta usually a better preparation for the worlds it pretty much only makes sence for Dumoulin to ride the TDF if he thinks he can win it, and at the same time the plan of Kelderman riding the Tour as preparation for the Vuelta only makes logic sence if he is supposed to be the helper for Dumoulin. So even if they perhaps wont make it a official plan its the only logic plan, though ofcourse its likely it wont work as Giro-TDF doubles rarely does.

Netserk said:
Pff, you disappoint me, Tom.

I'm sure Cancellara would have suggested something more extreme. Some of the circuits are just not used with rider safety in mind. But crashes are always part of the sport on any stage. Sometimes it's just better to whine about it after the stage and make it clear to the race organizers and hope for better next time.

Dekker_Tifosi said:
Even if Dumoulin would have gotten pink than Froome would have finished him on Cervinia. Looked as fresh as a daisy

Froome was absurdly strong on Cervinia. That counterattack had "don't make me humiliate you" written all over it. Dumoulin wisely capitulated and was permitted to rejoin the group and ride for Oomen's placing.
To be fair to our resident Froomaphobes, even other riders seem to have thought Sky were the ones calling for neutralization. Bennett - who won the stage and whose team might have been expected to have a significant interest in how it was raced - complained in an interview afterwards that Sky shouldn’t have got their way.