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Dumoulin is great at limiting his losses uphill but when he has to drop other riders it might get problematic for him. The 2nd time trial comes pretty soon so his shape won't have entirely changed by then, and while the last TT comes on stage 21, that stage is pretty short.
It's not like dumoulin lost all chances to win but I still rate his chances clearly lower now than I did two days ago
Even though he is one the best TT guys out there... having someone like Roglic in the race, maybe he is not just banking so much on the ITTs. If he arrives in a good place for the overall win in the 3rd week and can be more solid those stages than the others. Not have a bad day or run out of steam. Then he should be good. I think consistency will be more key, than dominating.
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Is it me or does Dumoulin look the skinniest I've ever seen him?
He's turning into a mountain goat. Not entirely impossible he worked to improve his climbing while losing some TT power.
He's often mentioned getting less explosive. I think that was the bigger problem yesterday.

And starting too slowly. He's one with the bigger engine, he's the one who could've gone hard and be confident he wouldn't blow up.
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Guess we'll never know how good or bad he was. Tour it is.
I hope he can make it to the tour, at least sky/ineos or whatever the hell they are called now will get some competiton.
They are called Ineos. They have had one name change in 10 years, that really should not be that hard to figure out...
Aye, and it's not like they've changed sponsors to Skype or something (although that might have saved some money on kit).

Pretty hard to confuse the two names.
This reminds me of all the people advocating for Froome to abandon the Giro when he was banged up and apparently out of the GC last year.

2 of the last 3 winners of the Giro were almost 5 minutes behind the leader at one point during the race.

If there's one rider who can do it, it's Tom Dumoulin.