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Oct 7, 2019
Will be very interesting indeed what will be the role for Dumoulin next year:

For 2021 I guess he will aims for the world (both TT and road race). But for 2022 it's very unclear. Some scenarios possible:

-Jumbo wants to beat Pogacar and thinks it needs full forces (Roglic, Vingegaard, Van Aert, Dumoulin, Kuss, Dennis). This can mean Tom as co-leader or more like van Aert, with his own objectives during the year, but with a support role in the tour.
-Roglic for the Tour, Dumoulin for the Giro (and no tour) and worlds in 2nd part of the season.
-Dumoulin once mentioned he likes to do classics. So, he gets a kind of a van Aeart role in the team. TT's, (hilly) classics and smaller 1 week races in the spring, while helping in the tour.
-No GC at all, and a free role in classics, races of one week, TT's and maybe stage hunting in Giro/Vuelta.
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"Deceptie" is often used as something like "debacle" or "catastrophe" in Dutch.

Anyway, Roglic gave a powerpoint presentation on the good luck of coming back from crashes and disaster so Dumoulin is now trying to replicate that maybe?