Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 11: Sorgues – Malaucène, 198.9 km

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it goes to show how well the grupetto pace it. Cav finished 3 minutes down on Matthews in the end but matthews was with the peloton just outside Bedoin before the 2nd ascent
I'd not overlook how much work and active racing WVA did to force the break and his part in it today. Definitely doesn't get that freedom on another day but his ride was herculean today and I'd not be surprised if he was up with the best from GC had he just sat in the pack all day.

Just don't see it happening. Cav in green is a huge feel good story (depending how into your cycling your are...) and an interest boost in the competition.
Allowing people to continue if they are out of limits is real *** not good story. Very unfair to other "real" cyclists who have to ride every day, help the team leaders and never be able to win the stage because of idiotic sprinters teams bringing their relaxed, rested (out of limit) track ryders 200 m to the finish line.
So, if 80 riders miss the time cut, is it the correct %?
2016 Formigal, 91 riders (55,4% the race péloton at that point) missed the time cut by a huge margin. They were 54 minutes behind on a stage which took 2h 54 minutes for the leaders to complete, 31% outside the winner's time - a level that would see you cut from most time trials. That group included people who've top 10ed many a Grand Tour, like Robert Gesink, Tejay van Garderen, Leopold König and Pello Bilbao. The issue is, once the gruppetto is big enough, they know they're safe and won't get bounced from the race, so they don't need to work hard. Only occasionally (one time in Tirreno-Adriatico in the 90s, for example) will the organisers go hard on the autobus when they're deemed not to have respected the race. The problem is the penalties, if the riders aren't thrown out of the race, only impact a small number of riders (those contesting the points classification) since a time penalty means nothing to guys already missing time cuts, and points penalties only impacts those who are contesting the points classification - and ironically, the guys contesting the points classification are probably the guys trying hardest in that gruppetto to honour the race anyway.

The Giro has been getting increasingly generous with their time cuts, but then they've often presented longer and harder stages and are at a time of year which means a higher risk of bad weather.
WvA in play for mountains jersey...

and in so doing, he might climb up the green jersey competition as well...

green jersey used to be not a specifically "sprinter's" jersey. The points were not so weighted to flat stages. this is why riders like Merckx, Van Springel and (quite frankly) Kelly could win it. It was more of a "consistent" jersey.

WvA would be an excellent recipient of a "consistent" jersey.