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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 15 (Rodez – Carcassonne, 202.5k)

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I was going off the recent preprint that indicated R0 of 18.6. Given the difficulties of establishing R0 in current circumstances, the intense arguments about it among the experts and the greater relevance of Rt, I’m perfectly happy to assume a vastly lower Rt. It makes no difference to the consequences of the argument, unless you want to claim an absurdly low Rt. Insert whatever Rt you want and do the sums. 8 guys pulled is really minimal disruption,
I only objected to your exaggerations. I don't know what Rt is now, nor have I made any claims about it (or statements that depended on it). I know that R0 hasn't been near that of measles, and distortive exaggerations help no one. Whatever argument you want to make, keep it factual.
I only objected to your exaggerations.

Take up your complaints with the scientists behind the recent 18.6 preprint. I didnt do the calculation, and my only interest in it is to illustrate the problem in making decisions about a contagious disease based only on an individual patients current symptoms. You can insert any other scientifically current estimate of R0 or Rt and the argument remains functionally identical.
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Why did the call back van Aert that just makes no sense.

We just saw the team decide that the yellow has priority over Wout in the breakaway. He's called back to protect and guide young V on this tough day.

It looked like Wout is feeling great and wanted to drive the breakaway to a potential victory and recover with the rest day tomorrow. But he still has a great chance to win the stage.

He'll be criticized from those with the Postal/Sky philosophy that every single decision is made to support a Tour win, but really, would the critics prefer him on their team, or on another team? I think he's been an essential asset to a potential V win.

Liggett said the road is melting. That's really dangerous on a fast downhill. Just ask Joseba Beloki.
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Why has Bahrain‘s government not prevented European police from attacking the team? The team and their sponsors will be upset about what happened in this Tour and beforehand. I‘m angry, also. Why does European police prevent Bahrain cycling team from riding fast and entertaining? What sense does that make?
Great point, they should make the bus and team cars embassy vehicles and claim diplomatic status for all the staff and riders. Everyone could get middle eastern names like the east african nationalized long distance runners.