Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 4 (Dunkerque – Calais, 171.5k)

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Yeah this was madness. Surely Ineos would've given Yates the thumbs up to work with Pogacar behind. Maybe no communication from his team how big the gap was over radio?
Not to mention the fact that Vingegaard didn't give Yates any help after they went over the top of the climb only a few meters behind Wout.
With an Ineos rider with them they could have gained even more time.

Oh well, Wout only rides for Wout in this Tour, at least that's what it looks like...
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I don't get why Vingo tried to follow if all this was supposed to just launch Van Aert's big solo. But OTOH I don't get why Van Aert dropped him if they were supposed to work together.

Well I guess it doesn't matter when you can just power your way to the stage win. He was tired of second places...