Tour de La Provence 2020 (2.Pro) - February 13-16

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And there's that!!

Nice to see him this strong again. He did not seem to slow down which is the important thing about his win.

Nice to see the team working for him. Including Barguil. He does not seem to mind at all. In fact, it looks like it eases the pressure that he used to have. Emotionally speaking this is a very nice win. Also having his compatriot friend Anacona to his side.
It is the Tour de La Provence, much easier to give a helping hand in a "sh*tty small race". Lets wait for some real targets of the season before we come to that conclusion.
An awesome performance by Quintana - Thought his stage win at the 2019 at the TDF was the best attack in the race - Doubt he can win another GT, BUT he is an important rider for any team because he can still win GT stages which are worth their weight in gold.
Not sure what this win is really worth. Quintana really is the most unpredictable rider I know. But because of that I have a soft spot for him so it was nice to see.
Even if it is early... that performance was very promising for the rest of this year.

The start of the season is important or otherwise you are playing catch up. Even if you intend to peak for certain races. That is easier said than done to execute.

So this was very good.
Nairo is looking lean and mean. Looks like the move away from Movistar has done him good. It's early in the year, so maybe it's hard to speculate about the other riders. I wouldn't worry about Pinot here. He's looking decent, ready for continuing gains in form later on. Last year, maybe he came into the TDF peaking just a bit early(?) . . . Eddie Dunbar is impressive. Also, Sepp Kuss is looking much better early on than he usually does. Also, Vlasov has followed up his strong ride from yesterday with another good one today. Carthy is looking strong, too.
Oct 7, 2017
Quintana is mightily impressive.
VAM 1864 m/h...
I don't think he wanted to peak for TdlP, so I guess we can expect great things from him this year.