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Tour de Langkawi

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the asian said:
You can find the profile for stage 2 here.


Cat 2 climb 70 Km form the finish, a moderately rolling run in and a slightly uphill finish.

Bos surely the favourite again.
theyoungest said:
No it's not, you named inconsistency as a problem, ánd positioning. But nevermind.

I don't normally have you down as a poster who doesn't know the meaning of words, but we all have our moments I suppose.

There is absolutely nothing inconsistent (if you'll pardon the pun) between saying someone has poor positioning and is inconsistent, with saying that when they position themselves correctly they're bloody fast.
Aug 3, 2009
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He actually said in the interview post race that when he went out, he thought the line was nearer, so he mistimed his sprint a bit, but anyway, he won and seems to be the strongest there. I am impressed by Coquard and it would interest me how he would fare against Bos with a proper lead out
May 12, 2010
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The Tour would be a mistake I think, he would get killed in those hectic and fast finales. Then again, the Giro has barely 2 or 3 stages that would suit him. The Vuelta is probably the best bet?