Tour de Yorkshire 2018 2.1 - 3rd of May - 6th of May

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King Boonen said:
MartinGT said:
King Boonen said:
An ex-club mate is racing so I will be watching the Womens' race with interest!
Really looking forward to the Women's race, should be very good.
Yep, hoping some of the home riders can put on a good show. There’s actually two women I know/have met racing, I didn’t realise Neah was racing.
9th for Neah, good result. The other woman I know did incredibly well considering her team and the competition, brilliant to watch!

SHAD0W93 said:
What happened with Cav? Did he not bother to sprint because the breakaway stayed away?
Commentary I watched said something like "typical Cav not racing if he's not going to podium". He did roll over the line first at the start though, got that honour.