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Tour of California Stage 7: Los Angeles TT (33.6 km)

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Oct 16, 2009
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The ToC needs the Badger to guide the riders around the podium. That brunette is putting him out of work!

"You'd be wise to stick to la bise, mademoiselle! I am le Badgeur, this is my podium! Just ask ze protesteurs!"
theyoungest said:
Totally undeserved, finding Zabriskie just when it gets difficult, and drafting his way to the line. Sutherland ought to be pi$$ed off.

What an absolute joke of a TT. Horrible course, horrible coverage, and the race jury asleep at the wheel.

Didn't realize that he was drafting that much b.c. I was splitting attention towards something else.

Agree about the course, coverage, and jury. I saw at least 3 other cases where blatant drafting was occurring.
Jul 28, 2009
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From the live report:
¨And while we've mentioned the Bissell team, Cyclingnews' own Laura Weislo would like to thank the Bissell team's chiropractor Brad Foster for helping alleviate some back pain this morning.

He used the same active release techniques he uses on the riders before they TT - he says it increases lung capacity by 15% by lengthening the muscles connected to the rib cage.¨

Typical chiro mumbo jumbo, scientifically proven is it? Not likely.:rolleyes: