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Tour of Croatia 2017

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Rollthedice said:
yaco said:
Roson lost the race with a split in the peleton in stage 5 and missing the intermediate sprint in stage 7 - Threw it away.

Not quite. He took his advantage by outsprinting Nibali to the line in the two MTFs and lost time in the split, on the intermediate last stage sprint (his colleague Dylan Page took only third) and lost another 7 sec on the demanding finale where Nibali finished fourth. Roson did his best to his and his team's abilities.

He lost time in two parts of the race in which he should never have lost time - You shouldn't lose time in a bunch sprint and Caja Rural should have been mobbing the road for the intermediate sprint which occurred 3.6km into stage 7.
Jul 28, 2016
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Rollthedice said:
Never say never, before today's stage. For Michele.


Says Vincenzo Nibali, (love and strength be with you Nibs)

"This win is for Michele, for a great friend; he was like a brother for me," Nibali said.

"The last two days have been difficult and everyone can understand why. I raced with sadness in my heart, even if my form was good. I wanted to win for Michele."

"News of his death left me in shock. I couldn't think of anything else when I was racing. I kept thinking about Michele and his young family, his wife Anna and their twins Giacomo and Tommaso. We can speak for days about what happened and ask why.
"I wasn't surprised that Michele went training so early on Saturday morning, he often did it," Nibali recalled. "I go out much later and he often sent me messages saying: Move it, I'm already out riding my bike."

"I'd wished he'd moved with me to Bahrain-Merida, so that he was still with me. It's so absurd what has happened. It's impossible to understand and to accept."