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UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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I'm looking around for some links - last year it was on You Tube, so I'm hoping it's on there.

Looks like Albert Philipsen is riding the junior XCO race, for Trek.....
I know we can't compare these things one on one, but I'm going to anyway: Albert Withen Philipsen was dropping lap times quicker than Vlad Dascalu. 🙈

I'm trying to find out if he's starting in Banyoles this weekend, but hard to come by a startlist.
Ha ha, welcome to the world of MTB, where getting info can sometimes be difficult.
Trek announced a team of Evie, Jolanda, Vlad all racing this weekend.........but Albert is on the entry list...


Safe to say he was indeed there. 1:39 ahead.
In the men's elite it is interesting a French 1-2-3. Are they still selecting for their Olympic team? If so, the crazy form makes sense, but if not, then they might be firing a bit hot this early with the big races a long ways off
Looks like it's still to be decided; and with only two slots it's going to be a real battle to get selected......at the moment it's surely Koreztky & Sarrou?
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Looks like it's still to be decided; and with only two slots it's going to be a real battle to get selected......at the moment it's surely Koreztky & Sarrou?
Wow, if they are still all trying to be the best for the selection, that might not fair so well for the actual main event. I would be surprised if Koreztky has not nailed his spot as of now. The French XCO team is just packed with talent ... sometimes a challenge to pick from so many possibilities
Will be interesting, Visma(as Rabobank) and Canyon Sram are her old teams and dependant on relationships may be both serious options.

Technically the old Rabobank team is now a part of Liv AlUla Jayco, as the Visma women's team wasn't launched until later and has had different people in charge, so I don't think there's much of a connection there.

SD Worx have allowed riders to do MTB, but left it all to the Specialized Factory Team to deal with everything, as they have common sponsors.
Maybe the Canyon-Sram team could do similar, and seem to be more pro multi discipline with Backstedt, Niewadoma & Cromwell all doing non road stuff.

Vas hasn't done that much MTB since the Tokyo Olympics (perhaps influenced by health issues), so I don't really know how much SDW is interested in their riders doing it during the road season. Frei was mainly supposed to be a substitute whenever they were need of riders.

Interestingly Roland has somehow managed to get Pinarello on board as a sponsor, so if PFP wants to continue her relationship with the brand and/or INEOS some kind of deal could perhaps be made between the parties.
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Plenty of action this weekend; French Cup weekend with the XCC on Friday, wins for Koreztky & Lecomte....
U23 women's was won by Eleanor Maclean-Howell ahead of Olivia Onesti.
PFP has just won the women's XCO ahead of Blunk & Stigger.

Looks like Sagan has had another heart issue, and will have surgery (from his instagram).
That's too bad for Sagan.

Lots of great racing action, too bad more of it was not streamed
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