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UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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I think every year we see world class one day racers have bad days; 8 days non-stop doesn't suit all riders......
Schurter's recovery is something else - he can't seem to find a partner who can keep up the pace for the whole event. Looks like Fini finally blew up today......
Could you imagine being a pro and asked to race with Schurter in this race? I mean both the honour and the horror
Good day for the French....PFP winning the women's ahead of Neff, Keller. Followed by a 1-2-3 for Sarrou, Dubau, Boichis.......

It will be interesting to see who makes the trip to Brasil for the two World Cups.
Interesting race. The French men are definitely flying. The question to be answered after the Olympic Games is, did they overcook it in the beginning of the year? Or did they focus on this year so well that they'll be even stronger at Paris?

There have definitely been past examples of those who killed themselves to make the selection, only to just fall apart by the time of the big show.
I still find it mad, that in the Olympic MTB race, countries are only allowed 2 riders. Why? Yet the road race has a far bigger number. Imagine a max of 5, France/Swiss could take super squads......It's likely both countries will leave World Cup winners behind come July.......
How is that good for the sport?
It's like they want it to be a sparsely filled course. Very weird and counter-productive to making it a bigger spectacle!

The least they could do is open it up a bit more as well. Have more countries invited, allow a few more riders for the top countries. I mean, if the world champs can do it, I am pretty sure the OG can do it to. Or is it such an afterthought to include XCO at all?

Whilst this is a road article, I think it highlights the contrast between road and MTB. More staff, new signings, etc All the while the MTB side seem to have made cutbacks.....and two of their riders have left; Kade Edwards & Pedro Burns.......and there seemed little attempt to sign Vali Holl to the Factory team.
In other 'road' news, GCN's Dan Benson tweeted that Visma have no interest in PFP.......

I wonder if her MTB racing is putting some WWT teams off? Movistar have already stated they 'don't do MTB'. Unless Ineos pull a rabbit out of the hat pretty soon, and announce a WWT team, then who knows where she's off to.
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