Volta ao Algarve May 5-9 2021

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Even when it all gets chaotic and it looks like they are out of position, DQS are just great at this. Just compare Morkov’s long move to whatever the hell Bora were at. And once Bennett kicked it was over immediately. He could have stopped for a Dumoulin at the side of the road.
Most top 10s without a win, but where the guy you rode for just won.

It might also have something to do with him being out of contract next year and not wanting to be screwed over if Bennett goes to another team and doesn't take him with him, like he experienced with Kristoff in 2017. He shouldn't be in any kind of trouble this time though, but it may be his last (big) contract, so it's understandable if he wants it to be as lucrative as possible.
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