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Volta ao Algarve May 5-9 2021

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Or it's bragging. "Look at me, I'm so good that even when I feel bad I can squish you with my left leg, you puny other cyclists."

Part of it is cultural. Going around bragging you are the best in the world and that it’s easy is the kind of attitude that would get you a reputation as a bit of a brash *** in Ireland. Part of it is his personality. He seems to motivate himself more by seeing himself as an underdog. And sometimes it’s just accurate - I’m sure he’s genuinely surprised to be coming off a month on the couch and winning by three bike lengths.
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It might also have something to do with him being out of contract next year and not wanting to be screwed over if Bennett goes to another team and doesn't take him with him, like he experienced with Kristoff in 2017. He shouldn't be in any kind of trouble this time though, but it may be his last (big) contract, so it's understandable if he wants it to be as lucrative as possible.
I think Bennett, Morkov and Quickstep would all be utterly mad to part ways next season. Even if Morkov is getting on, and Bennett won’t be a spring chicken next year either, they show no signs of slowing down right now.

Also, I don’t think Morkov needs to worry about Sam’s loyalty. He’s the reason Shane Archbold has a pro contract.

Edit to add re Sam’s interviews; it’s probably easier to act/sound humble when you’re the 2nd best cyclist in your own village.
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Current standings at the second time split:

Km 13,6

Rafael Reis (Efapel), 16m47s
Benjamin Thomas (Groupama-FDJ), 16m52s
Nils Politt (Bora-hansgrohe), 17m05s
Ivo Oliveira (UAE Team Emirates), 17m12s
Ryan Gibbons (UAE), 17m32s
Diego López (Equipo Kern Pharma), 17m33s
Alexys Brunel (Groupama-FDJ), 17m37s
Matis Louvel (Team Arkéa-Samsic), 17m40s
Ricardo Mestre (W52-FC Porto), 17m47s
Clément Davy (Groupama-FDJ), 17m51s
Lennard Kämna (Bora-hansgrohe), 17m52s
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