Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2021: Stage 12 (Jaén - Cordoba, 175.0 km)

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The general rule is, that if your surname is quite common, you will often (but not always) be referred to by your second family name/middle name/second first name. Sometimes you get to "choose" it yourself, but when it comes to famous athletes the media certainly plays a role as well.

Nah, esa no es una regla general. Nadie va a pedir que no usen su apellido paterno solo porque es muy comun, que locura es esa? Podra habra uno que otro caso (como Bahamontes), pero esta lejisimos de ser la regla general.
I am struggling to think who of the sprinters may survive the 14%. Matthews and, uh, Cort going for the stage win the 'easy' way?

Ah, ok, UAE have more faith in Trentin (I guess) than I do. Well, the 4th place on the stage is now known. Sorry, JJ Rojas.
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