Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2021: Stage 19 (Tapia - Monforte de Lemos, 191.2 km)

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It's definitely weird to say it about him, when he was beaten by Dainese, who's more than six years his junior.
It's all relative! For me, a 29-year-old is young, but of course a 23-year-old is younger!

And now Garate just classified Cort as a "killer"! :oops:

I missed all the action today, tuned in at about 6km to go and saw the porn stache win it. Jakobsen is still in the green and the other Babyface is in polka dots, so all is well with the universe.
Who's the first Babyface?
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Absolutely - BEX rode for 30kms alone, then DSM did the same, then BEX rode alone for 20kms - They only rode together for the last 15 kms - Demare was in the peleton, yet no FDJ rider helped - Again a strange situation !
I don't agree. They didn't get very close and they were all completely knackered. That breakaway group was insanely strong.
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