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Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2023, stage 16: Liencres Playa - Bejes, 120.1k

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Just reading news TJV will not thinking of any cycling today due to Hooydonck incident.
Just hope they will now withdraw before entering the start ramp but turn this tiny stage into a heck of a TJV show to show support to their support rider.
*edit* didn't realize stage has already started. I bet it will be a death stage if TJV can motivate themselves for something honourful (sorry my mobile sucks so cannot read thead properly, besides no TV Signal, just short work break before entering within a couple of hours, next year think my summer vacation should be moved to Vuelta calendar).
A real terrible pity the route planners will not take advantage of the full climb.
Stupid me, I confused with another similar climb in Galicia I think.
Just 3D panned at earth.google.com to find today's finish line. What a phenomenal location Bejes is, just at the foot of Cantabria mountains. And dragging and having a view round the slopes from La Hermida to Bejes is beyound beautiful.
And now to the point. Yes, seems to be paved segment above Bejes. But
'middle' summit some 500 altitude meters longer upwards is indeed very narrow and with a gorge directly vertical 700 meters down on one side not THAT suitable for a finish line.
On the other hand, when you pan 3D down towards Bejes from here, it looks so fantastic that I hope it will be overcast with fog so that the place is not overrun with tourists next year.
But the "real" top point is mostly for Strava segments for single trainers and not for a GT peleton. Not at all.
So right decision from route planners. But think La Vuelta stay is at max, quite tiny location, team busses will most definitely be parked at the buttom at the climb maybe even before La Hermida. Typical quirky and beautiful, beautiful roads it seems.
OK got solved my work earlier than expected, away on the saddle in order not to miss more drama.
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