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May 20, 2010
One win for BMC? (not Two???)

BMC reveal 2012 Tour of Flanders squad
By: Cycling NewsPublished: March 28, 10:41, Updated: March 28, 11:01Edition:First Edition Cycling News, Wednesday, March 28, 2012Race:Tour of Flanders
Story: BMC reveal 2012 Tour of Flanders squad


The team have notched up just one win this season thanks to Cadel Evans at the Criterium International and have struggled with their Classics campaign."

I note that Cadel won a stage and the GC...does this not count as two wins?
May 26, 2010
UCI must pay Keisse..........

......... confirming that Keisse was to ride his sit out his entire ban........

Google translate obviously getting better but not perfected yet ;)
Caption's been corrected! :D

This however, hasn't!

That's Nicki! They're easy to tell apart; Nicki is the guy in the flag! This might change after the nat champs though...

Seriously? This is the second time in two days. And the really funny part is he was identified correctly in the race report!

Also; one of these gotta be the point jersey!
Jun 22, 2011
For the record, the "unidentified FDJ rider" in this picture about the Roubaix recon is David Boucher. Is a local from north of france, now living in Belgium near the border.

You should have easily recognized him, he is in most early break of the belgium classics. He even has the record of the number of kilometers rode in break in 1 year.

We will probably see him again on sunday in the early break.

I don't want to be rude but I see a lot of those race gallery with unidentified riders in pictures. While it is excusable this time as you can't recognise the face of every single rider in a non officialy recorded event such as a recon ride, you have the start list of every single races and follow the events closely. It shouldn't be that hard to do your homework and identify a rider based on dossard/plates numbers and official race information.
May 20, 2010
UCI Track World Champs missing results/report 2012

Women's 500m Time Trial?
Please post results (I guess too late for report??).

ta js
Apr 9, 2011
Susan get someone to check the profile of the Pro cycling challenge

1.6 km for every mile ish

the profiles have the km and mile for route distance as the same number
Jan 22, 2011
insideout leadout said:
Other than the ss gloves, it says he's a Katusha racer.
LOL. Yeah, if he had his hands extender a little further, that would have been a pretty controversial picture :D:D
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