Who has the best palmares: Valverde vs. Nibali

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Who has the best palmares?

  • Alejandro Valverde

    Votes: 50 34.0%
  • Vincenzo Nibali

    Votes: 97 66.0%

  • Total voters
Not for me, it is the same as Nadal at the French open. Winning the same thing over again but having limited (relatively) success in others can actually harm the argument.
Don't think Nadal is a good example since he's won all grand slams at least twice (Valverde would need a Tour, or at least 2 Giro's, plus at least one cobbled monument for some sort of comparison); the only thing missing is end of season tournament (which isn't a slam).

Also don't see how if competitor 1 is slightly better at A and B, then therefore they are better overall than competitor 2, even if competitor 2 is far superior at C (assuming A, B, C are at similar levels of importance). Eventually there has to be a tipping point (whether that is yet for Nadal is arguable, I'd side with Djokovic slightly in that goat debate, due to weeks at no.1, and more totally dominant, dominant seasons).
I don't normally dream about cycling but last night I dreamt of today's LBL.

Nibali won solo.
Tobias Johannessen second.
Valverde third.

Nibali and Valverde hugged a lot at the finish, almost like they were boyfriend and boyfriend. One of them was wearing the WC jersey, can't remember who.
This is weirder than Nibali paying for my drunk döner sandwich in my dreams man.

At least the wife doesn't have to worry about Safebet dreaming about other women.
Are you guys okay?