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Dec 7, 2010

jmdirt said:
It was 90 degrees a week ago and today it didn't even make it to 60 plus it rained too much for one day. There is snow on the hills at about 6500-7000.
welcome to fall.

Or climate change hell from Copperhead?
It was about 42F here this morning, brrrrrrrr! Fall is definitely here.

The place I'm house-sitting at has a lake in front of it, there was all this fog or steam coming up from the water. It looked kinda spooky, The Hound of Baskervilles in the marshes type of spooky, I mean.

At least the lawn sprinklers can be turned off now, so that's a good thing.
Jun 30, 2014
The last few days have been pretty cold in the upper puster valley, for 3 days in a row we had below -15°C in the morning and today we had -9°C at noon, that's really cold and the actual winter is just starting.
The good thing is that we already have a somewhat decent amount of snow and a few XC skiing tracks are already open.
Besides the freeze we had back last early winter the weather hasn't been too bad in my parts lately.

It's been raining a bit, and despite the mud the rain causes (and all the DIYs you need to do because of it), I'd like to see a lot more of rain. (Eh, I don't live in the PacNW because of all the sunshine!)


out in snow...never met one person that appreciates current condition

3pm ( warmest time of day ) temp is at freezing point and dropping ...tomorrow is not even
going to warm up at about feeling cheated..

but I made a snow duck ............LOL FFS

Mark L



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