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Your local weather

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@30+ mph wind, steady rain, evacuation plans for flood prone areas of San Diego county and beyond. And they are using their latest buzz word, atmospheric river, rain totals expected to break the records from @2-3 weeks ago when we broke records from 1889, 1921.. errie that Google hour by hour forecast got the start of the rain by half hour.. Supposed to be all day and night and that is rare.
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It's not over yet!! Hail for an hour last night.. and to cross thread, 2 or more cats in a fight in the middle of the night!!! making screaming baby sounds at each other during the downpour!! No logical reason for lemons and oranges to fall out of the trees but 4-6 per day and it's really difficult to yank them off by hand.
Marine helicopter crashed en route from Las Vegas to Miramar.. sad..

Scattered snow today, probably not for me..@2000ft..