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2016 Giro d'Italia: Stage-by-stage analysis

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Ferminal said:
It may have been different if Nibali didn't kick things off (we will never know but imagine if it was the case, and Chaves/Kruijswijk initiate), but it's funny what happens when you put a bit of altitude in a race...

1) Takes longer to travel same distance at sea level (or more effort for same speed)
2) Reduces the advantage of drafting
3) Another point of difference between riders (some appear to be better on altitude days just like others may like gradual climbs etc)

I dunno if the hypoxia compounds over the day if you are consistently at altitude but something like that seems to be going on also (carnage at the end of the stage).

Use it.

Not directed at RCS as if anything they get in trouble trying to include it, doesn't always have to be 2700m monsters though. It may not be possible to string these sorts of "never below 1500m" days together outside the Dolomites but you can still do multiple passes, or even one (finishing) climb is better than nothing.

Realistic climbs in the Alps for the Tour?

Galibier (ya)
Izoard (not huge on it, 2011 was best you can do?)
Agnello (2011)
Bonette (2008)
Lombarde (?)
Cenis (? - not really high but it's long and has that flat at top, chainable with others)
GSB (as 2009 showed I don't really think this is useful, unless you want to finish outside France)
Iseran (2007 was half a climb, I don't know how long since the full thing was used North or South)
Val Thorens (20 years or something)

Probably missed a few too, am I right in saying Allos was the highest the Tour had been, sans the non-Galibier, since 2011?

The Vuelta hasn't been close to its 2009 Sierra Nevada height since?

Izoard in 2014.

Skoekeloen said:
For tomorrow, wouldn't it be better if they had included some climbing before starting with the never ending Agnello?

They could've taken a different route from Saluzzo to Brossasco via these segments:


It's 7 kilometer at ~7%. Just to create some action and gaps already.
well yes... they could have. It wouldn't create action though... just some warm up before the Agnello.