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2017 Worlds BERGEN, Norway, TTT, Sunday 17th Sept

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Cance > TheRest said:
HelloDolly said:
DBotero said:
b.broadhurst said:
Poels would have been better than G.

They took a risk by taking Thomas and they payed for it.

Bit unfair...maybe it was the way the TTT was ridden...look at BMC ...riding it as a team
Yeah, based on his performance in the ToB TT, picking Thomas appeared to be the right decision. Just doesn't look like SKY rides as a team today.

Well part of that was that selection, I wouldn't ever have given Doull a chance of being in the final four, so they were pretty much committed to finishing with five at most from the beginning, which is a ruthless/losing mentality depending on your point of view.