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2019 Giro d'Italia Stage 16: Lovere - Ponte di Legno 194 km

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Descent from Presolana now.
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Pantani_lives said:
Rollthedice said:
Pantani_lives said:

I read the list a few times and there's no Jungle Bob.
It would have been too good to be true. The next two stages are his best chance to save his Giro with a stage win.

Movistar has to melt the iron while it's hot. This stage is their best opportunity to pull the hammer on Roglic.

Surely DQ is only stage hunting now?

Edit: Nevermind, read the second part now :D

jfazendeiro said:
The presence of Caruso and A.Nibali on the breakaway should hurt an offensive strategy of Movistar before Mortirolo. Landa's only hope is an attack of Lopez or Yates
I guess the last time anyone considered to attack before Mortirolo was before Gavia was taken out anyway, wasn't it?!

For Landa it'll be mainly about the stage win, I guess, and that's still very much within reach - if Carapaz can jump to him and they'll move up in GC together, even better.