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Giro d'Italia 2024 Giro d'Italia route rumours

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If you ignore Pogacar, you also need to ignore the favourite going into that Giro (i.e. Carapaz). Moreover, Nibali was just about finished, Bilbao has never been close to podiuming a GT and Hindley was not even seen as a threat for even a podium at the time. Especially without the benefit of hindsight, this field looks less weak.
2022 field also had MAL, Simon Yates and Almeida and all of them were legit podium contenders.
2024 definitely has much weaker field so far.
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If Pogacar takes pink on stage 2 then it'll be difficult to give it away with flat stages that follow then the gravel stage (6) and then the ITT on 7, so Mikkel "I've got a beautiful wife" Bjerg will be a busy man (maybe another guy to help on the flat might be needed).
Do you think his challengers will put the pink in that much pressure? Yes, I know it should. But will it?