Carlos Betancur discussion thread

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carlosbetancur "Un placer siempre entrenar con mi ídolo @alejandvalverde pero todo el día fulll gas"

Don't know what to make of this, but I want him in the Vuelta, not Tour!

He looks completely exhausted after a day with Valverde :lol:
Betancur posted on his Instagram a picture where he looks incredibily sharp, together with this: "Últimos entrenamientos fuertes".

It looks like he's in for the Tour. Not bad for "a lost cause".
Mar 14, 2009
Wow, Fatancur going to the Tour is awesome. Hopefully, by the third week he is in a good shape to get into a break and win a stage.

I'm slowly becoming a fan. Its always nice to cheer for the underdog, especially the one caring an extra Michelin around his waist. :D
I love that picture, they both look great.

Betancur on Valverde in that article:
El líder en Francia va a ser Nairo por lo que ha demostrado en los últimos Tour, pero Valverde lleva un año espectacular y puede dar una gran sorpresa

Roughly translates to Nairo is the leader, but that Valverde has a spectacular year and could make a big surprise. Also says earlier that he loves to be in the same races as Valverde. This guy really look up to Bala.
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Cance > TheRest said:
Valv.Piti said:
Guy looked totally lost today in the team presentation when the reporter wanted to ask Jasha a couple of questions, that was pretty funny.
The highlight of the presentation for me :D He really did seem confused. Tied with the awkward FDJ team presentation.
He probably thought the question was going to be directed in his direction and was trying to understand what he was saying!! :D :lol: