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on3m@n@rmy said:
Wow. Oregon thumps FSU. OSU outlast Bama. Jim Harbaugh to Michigan. Are we seeing the beginnings of a shift in power from the SEC to the Big 10?
SEC West was supposed to be the best division in college football. Instead, all five ranked teams lost their bowl games. The best division by record might actually be the Pac-12 South, with AZ, ASU, UCLA and USC all having excellent seasons, winning at least nine games along with Utah. AZ, which beat Oregon in the RS, actually had a shot at the four team playoff going into the Pac championship game vs. Oregon, and before they lost to Stanford in their final game, UCLA might have been in the running. AZ did lose its bowl game, but ASU, USC and Utah all won theirs, with UCLA yet to play.

Though Oregon had the blowout, OSU's win may have been more impressive. When FSU wasn't turning the ball over, they were moving it pretty well. Take away those turnovers, and Oregon probably still wins by double digits, but not in a blowout.

OSU dominated the first half against Bama, outgaining them by a huge margin, but trailed by a point. Two Bama TDs resulted from turnovers deep in OSU territory, and OSU settled for FGs after having first and goal at the five and at the one. If not for those, that game may have been a blowout. OSU running game just shredded what was supposed to be one of the best defenses in the country.

But oddsmakers have Oregon by 7 in the early line.
Tricycle Rider said:
I've got my Monopoly money on OSU. By about 3.
Might be time to put real money on OSU. Darren Carrington, Mariota's big target in the FSU game, has been suspended because of a positive drug test (for marijuana--which is legal a couple hundred miles away from the Oregon campus). They lost another WR to an injury in that game, and their starting TE has been out for several games. The option offense is starting to run out of options.

Edit: RB Ayele Ford has also been suspended for a positive test, and will also miss the game.
Merckx index said:
Might be time to put real money on OSU. Darren Carrington, Mariota's big target in the FSU game, has been suspended because of a positive drug test (for marijuana--which is legal a couple hundred miles away from the Oregon campus).
Being he's likely to be one of the dumber football players (surely there must be a scale for dumb in American football?), he probably got his dates confused - recreational pot use will not be legal in Oregon till July 1. And even then it's only for folk who are 21+ (which he is not) ... so he double-failed that test.

Still, even when recreational pot does become legal in this state a college football player is subject to the rules of the NCAA - I don't see them condoning pot use anytime soon.
Well, USC head coach Sarkesian might be done as the HC there. So he shows up at the team's preseason banquet drunk a skunk dishing out profanities, and it got so bad the athletic director stepped in and had him removed. He's given an apology so firing might be too harsh. But when one of his players does the same at a team event such as a meeting, how is he going to discipline him?

Meanwhile, OSU HC Urban Meyer continues his rebuilding in masterful fashion, with OSU being ranked a unanimous #1 in the preseason poll. It is just preseason, but I don't think a unanimous #1 ranking has been done in a while in preseason. I am expecting some real interesting battles with the Jim Harbaugh coached Wolverines. This could be as good as the old Woody Hayes Buckeyes versus the Bo Schembechler Wolverines.
Aug 21, 2015
That spin move by Miller was something else, really curious to see how he does for the rest of the year as he is putting some nice film out there for NFL teams to look at.

Alpe d'Huez said:
Real surprise out west was Portland State upending Washington State.
Stunned was my reaction. I've changed my avatar in a show of disgust. WSU should not win a game this year if they keep that up. I've heard some excuses that it was a wet day. Thing is, PSU had to play in the same conditions, and if it is that wet there's one way to deal with it... run the ball. Oh wait! I forgot! WSU head coach Leach runs the Air Raid offense. They can't run the ball! This is Leach's recruiting class, and the HC got an extension on his contract. (sigh) Here's an interesting fact: Bishop Sankey had a verbal commit to WSU before Leach was hired. When WSU hired Leach, Sankey decommitted to attend the UW Huskies. Go Dawgs!
LSU sophomore RB Leonard Fournette is my kind of guy. Responding to a chicken-S notion he should sit out his junior season at LSU because he can't jump to the NFL after his sophomore year (due to an NFL rule), Fournette tweeted:
"I will never jump ship... l am drowning with my brothers".
Read the article & his response here:
The NFL rule is a debatable topic, but I sure like his attitude.
What a weekend for upsets. Or near upsets. Hoosiers played the Buckeyes tough until OSU pulled away late. #3 Ole Miss upset by Florida. #7 UCLA lost at home to Arizona State. Eastern Michigan hung with LSU until Fournette put it away late. #top ten ND Beaten by Clemson. And that's just off the top of my head.

TCU sent Texas back to the stone ages... like 50-7. That was not an upset though. The interesting thing about this game was not actually the game. At halftime one of the Texas players got on his phone and texted some teammates something like "y'all want to transfer now". The media got ahold of that and asked Texas HC Strong about it during the post-game presser. Not a good situation!
For more on the Fournette sit-out, Mike Mayock thinks opinion would be split, but says he agrees with the NFL rule that requires prospects to be three years removed from high school to be draft-eligible. Here is a link to an article on the subject that gives arguments for both sides:

In that article, Mayock tends to agree with the NFL rule primarily on the basis that:
1. Out of the best kids comiing out of high school in the country over a 2 or 3 year period, that maybe one kid could make the jump to the NFL from high school (e.g. less than 1% could make the jump), AND
2. The other 99+% of the kids are not ready, putting them at huge risk of being badly injured.

I agree with all that was reportedly said by Mike Mayock in that article, and believe the NFL rule mentioned above should not be changed.
WSU Cougars started the season losing to Portland State :confused: , but today beat unranked Oregon Ducks 45-38 at Oregon in 2OT :) . Coug QB Faulk completed 50 of 74 pass attempts for 505 yards, 5 TDs, and no INTs. Granted the Ducks do not have a very good defense, and are ranked #26 by the AP, but this is a big win for WSU.
The cat is back from the doghouse. :cool:
I'm not gonna say nothin' about nothin' (for fear of jinxing ***), but let's just say my alma mater's team needs to beat the Ducks today. (It's been something like eleven in a row now that we've lost against them.)

And that's all I'm gonna say.