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I'm pretty sure Roglic said he was gonna train more on his TT bike for the 2021 season.

But I wouldn't be surprised if Thomas takes some time in the ITTs. I will be very surprised if he's close in the mountains though.
Whenever GT has been strong in TTs he has generally been strong in mountains. If he is a bit stronger in TT I dont see how we could expect him to be 'a lot' weaker in the mountains. Especially with the team strength difference.
You are forgetting that JV has a train too. But i agree with you that if Thomas can come to the last TT still in good GC position, then he can win.
They have a train, but if ineos use theirs properly, JV have very little close to the same level (on paper).
Anyway this is moot, everyone knows Bahrain will dust everyone.
I would say it's up to Thomas this year. If he can deliver the team will work for him and in that case he stands a chance. But if Thomas will struggle then i feel that Ineos could have much issues on this race. Porte is in great shape but i don't know if i would say he is considered to be the best climber. Carapaz on the other hand will need to do two rather OK TTs. And here i have my doubts.

Anyway, as a team Ineos is great, but on individual level i don't feel they have all that much options open. They will for sure try and we are all counting on that.
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Now that we see Roglic has gone home, I don't see "why" Ineos should leave G Thomas in the Tour considering his own injuries & his presence in the gruppetto yesterday (which is far below his stature).

If they think he can help Carapaz in the coming two weeks, I just don't see it (because unless he gets substantially better, he's going to get dropped again in every mountain stage early on).
Jun 15, 2021
Lance said on his podcast today that Thomas was going to abandon the Tour today and begin preparing for the Olympics ... Ineos (I assume Brailsford) told him no ... told him he can't leave yet.

I believe this is the final year of Thomas's contract. It will be interesting to see if he is with a new team next year.
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