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Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 15: Seregno - Bergamo 195 km

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Honestly not that bad of a stage. Yeah, the gc guys only tested the waters a bit on the final hill, but people expecting more than that were always way too optimistic. And the battle for the stage win has honestly been pretty great. I can't complain.

Realistically this is true, as a collective though we need atleast 1 better 2 stages that overdeliver to get out of permanent complain territory
Bondone is never gonna be anything but a MTF shootout at best (which would be great..), and so stage 18 and stage 19 especially need to really deliver. Stage 19 could be legendary under the right circumstances, but its hard to see this Giro can be better than 3/10-4/10 territory.
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I cant see how Healy could have won this if not alone by a long way at top of last climb
I don't think he had to pull McNulty as much as he did in the finale. If you don't ride fast enough to keep Frigo behind you might as well slow down and give McNulty to choice to collaborate or make it a 3 men sprint.

But I agree, as soon as McNulty caught him before the descent he was in a really tricky position. Clearly the most explosive one but with everyone else knowing they have to race against him.
This particular climb has never caused any seperation among top riders.

If Jumbo wouldve stage 4 of last years TdF'ed it there wouldve been separation allright (i know they probably dont have the team to even try that just saying a climb like this can be enough)

He also followed Almeida mostly and didnt really try to get separation himself, but like I said im not trying to overanalyze it despite maybe sounding like i do
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