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Junior racing - The stars of the future

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Today the last reamining of the bigger Junior stage races is starting. GP Rüebliland in Switzerland. 4 Stages in three days. A short ITT, and two hilly days on todays first and Sundays 4th stage will decide the winner.
The startlist is solid but there are also a lot of bigger names missing. The swiss national team is lead by Fabio Christen, a strong german national team is lead by Brenner, the Danes have several teams and names to look out for, among them Lund Andresen, Andersen or Dalby. Ponomar is here with his italian Ballerini squad, Van Rysel are fielding a team that will probably be very active and have several solid weapons like Carpentier or Paleni. Fensham Howes are the sole UK team with Donaldson, Pidcock junior and Max Poole to look out for.
Given that the field is not that deep there are a lot of wildcards and a lot of riders in the regional swiss teams, the Dutch teams etc. who could use this race to spring a surprise.
I expect the german and the danish teams to dominate this though.
Story of the day is not the incredibly talented Max Poole going neck and neck with Brenner in the time trial in Ruebliland, but Andrea Montoli winning the tricolore in Montegrotto. Two years ago he had to undergo six chemotherapy sessions due to a tumor in his lungs; lymphoma. Now he is back, racing for the team of Antonio Saronni, the brother of Beppe, and winning the national junior title. We'll keep an eye on him.
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Sorry I am not so deep into Juniors racing. Can someone tell me where to find an adapted Juniors racing calendar (after all Covid changes) for this autumn? What are the different categories I need to search for?
Getting the UCI calendar for UCI junior races is a big challenge. Amazing how complicated it is to get it ;-).

And filter on 'men junior' category.

This would be real UCI races with in theory the better riders.
In practice only la philippe gilbert is planned (details see https://www.fanclubphilippegilbert.be/0124/fr/76/La-Philippe-Gilbert-Juniors-2020 ) and some national championships.
There still can be some local races where you will also see a stronger start list (like for example 'Rund um Düren ' -cancelled this year).
The only overview I know is on
https://www.directvelo.com/calendrier/2020/10#calendar (filter on junior)
But also not much here. For example chrono des nations is still shown, but canceled for this year.

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Stage 1 of the Gilbert Junior race.

2GAUTHERAT PierreVan Rysel-AG2R La Mondiale12
3DEBRUYNE RamsesACROG-Tormans7
4LADANG MiguelOlympia Tienen5
5GREGOIRE RomainVan Rysel-AG2R La Mondiale4
6LABROSSE JordanVan Rysel-AG2R La Mondiale3
8POOLE MaxFensham Howes-MAS Design1
9STOCKWELL OliverFensham Howes-MAS Design
10DE POOTER DriesACROG-Tormans
First three sprinted for first place, peloton finished nearly a minute behind according to time differences at the final km.
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Remco's dad is considering to organize a "Remco Evenepoel GP" for juniors, because the junior categorie was hit hard by Covid-19 with a lot of races (if not most) getting cancelled.

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