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Mathieu Van der Poel

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For starters he just processes 1-2 minutes W/kg efforts much better than everyone else in the field. The field of chasers was pretty dead as well. He got 1'50 really fast and then started fading.
I follow what you are saying, today's monument was @270 kilometers so his wattage was only more than others for a certain percentage of the race.
You saw the American crack and recrack when he was on regular paved streets, He could see MVP a few hundred meters from him but couldn't cross, could have, should have, what would have happened if Jorgenson been able to cross and they worked together, we will never know. Great race by all, but tactical , Van der Poel is awesome, no matter if you like him, style points are a thing and him winning has him in doping threads despite not dominating the entire 270..so if he is juiced it's only for marginal gains.
I certainly don't see why someone else can't win in Roubaix
Is anyone else finding van der Poel's newfound capacity to time trial the way from competitors at an absolutely ridiculous pace from 40 to 60 km out, pretty much nose breathing, perhaps a touch silly?

When I was younger I used to think of these attacks from a distance and obliterating the field as sublime and wished I could do the same in my local races.
It's interesting watching the the motorbike following him. The speed he's going and managing turns, it's like when you're whipping downhill it's so fast. And he really doesn't look like he's putting out maximal effort.

I mean, I've enjoyed watching van der Poel over the years. He is awesome to witness on the bike, and his handling skills are phenomenal, but this is just stupid.
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Rob Hatch already calling it :rolleyes: