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Music! What are you listening to now?

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Libertine Seguros said:
But you see the thing is... I like prog rock. I like Pink Floyd, I like Yes, I like Peter Gabriel era Genesis, I like King Crimson, I like Aphrodite's Child, I like Triana's early stuff... but I really don't like Rush.

I do like Xiu Xiu though, up to and including La Forêt. I know a lot of people preferred when Jamie Stewart made it all a bit less sparse and fleshed out his compositions, but to me it was more effective when it was very barren and there was a lot of empty space that made his occasional breakdowns all the more intimidating. Ian Curtis Wishlist was my favourite track, but it's very much an acquired taste.
I like some prog, always found it odd the most snobbishness I ever encountered on the webs was on a progressive music message board. Might have been the fusion of classical, jazz, rock, etc., that made people such snobs, personally I never cared for 10-minute solos too much. (Even the mandatory 30-second guitar solos in rock songs can wear me out.)

Rush was considered prog rock on that message board, btw., but not truly progressive. So, yeah.

Anyhoo, right now I'm listening to pure silence being it's very early in the morning here, it's just marvelous. :)
Re: Re:

sienna said:
sir fly said:
Why didn't they make it big?
Liked the lead break.
They're one of the most successful bands in Serbia/SFRY.
Wikipedia offers a good article about them (and there's the official presentation, too). A possible reason for the lack of international success of all bands from here can most probably be identified on the example of Divlje Jagode/Wild Strawberries.
Even less popular performers, at the beginning of their careers, were earning really well at the time, so the international careers weren't that important (include the Iron curtain, context of the era, prejudices from both sides....). The most difficult thing was to sign for one of three - four labels in the state governed industry, and afterwards everything would go much easier.

This my attempt to bury the hatchet with Tricycle Rider. This one is for you TR.
p.s. I feel that Pavement went downhill immediately after Summer Babe, which was the first track on their first album. Summer Babe is effing awesome. Reminded me of the first time I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit. I can still recall where I was. It literally stopped me in my tracks.