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OMG I hadn't even realized they are sponsored by that liquer until I read your post :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:

Not the liquor, the car.

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Why don't these designers notice when they come too close to another or other teams. I don't get that.

fwiw when I first saw the kit I didnt make the Bahrain connection either, I can see where people are seeing the similarities, but maybe Bahrain will go for some different for 2023, the UCI have to approve them still to avoid kit clashes, so we will see what they do.

does mean a change of kit for the Vuelta though.
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Bahrain have revealed their kit already.

so it must pass the UCI test then :)

tbh I thought everyone was comparing Bahrain 2022 against it, I dont think the 2023 is that similar a design then. Its similar colours, but if similar colours were an issue...

and Id wait till you see them under natural sunlight too, I think studio photoshoots are way too prone to photoshopping and ruining colour palettes as everyones monitor/screen is very different.