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Maybe instead of comparing Evenepoel's jersey next year with any of Alaphilippe's jerseys, we should compare Evenepoel's jersey next year with Evenepoel's jersey this year, the one race he rode as World Champion before ending his season:


Basically the same as the one Alaphilippe wore this year.


Compared to the other beauties QS has given us, it is a downgrade.

But of course, Logic does have a point in mentioning that the person designing the jersey for next year was hindered by the Soudal logo, and more specifically by the fact that Soudal seemingly wasn't willing to compromise and have the logo slightly changed.
Notice how the Lidl logo on Alaphilippe's shoulders in both 2020 and last year was both in B&W and much smaller? Whereas it on the regular QS jerseys - as shown by the other QS rider lurking behind him in the photo from last year - is very big and yellow.

And that leads me to the subject of Brand Recognition. Some brands are recognisable by a logo/symbol, for those the colours could be changed, and the brand would still be recognised. Other brands are recognisable by a specific colour, for those changing the colour obviously wouldn't work.
Don't give a *** it's an eyesore, and I will be graciously not holding Evenepoel not personally responsible.
I tend to like the kits that have a stylish design and use colors well. That’s leave out JV. OTOH, I can make a case that JVs kit is the best in the WorldTour. It uses the main sponsors colors well, is distinctive, easy to spot for commentators and fans, and has a bold look. I don’t find it particularly attractive, but it may be the most effective.