New Jerseys - 2023 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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Reminds me of movistar from a few years ago when they had a big green m on the shoulders
Given their propensity to do the "keys in a bowl" when it comes to any sponsor involved in cycling, it was just a matter of time before their jersey-design hit Androni Giacattoli-territory. That Napoleon-emblem on both arms is an aberration, both from a design and moral perspective.
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Shorts look good, the rest is all over the place.
Shorts are ugly with the Soudal logo on the sides imho.

I just think it's much too busy. Do they think they're Androni?
They are lacking really big money sponsors, so unfortunately they have to make due with more small ones. That's one problem to start with. Then there is the issue that the new name sponsor apparently wants to invest more, which means they expect to get more space on the shirt than the other name sponsor, regardless of how dumb/ugly that looks on the shirt. Then there is the fact that they have been "the blue team" since ages (being the main color of the QS brand), and now the new name sponsor has black and red.

Basically, the problem comes from sponsors preferring to have their name as big as possible and in their own colors on a fugly shirt, over having their name/logo a bit more discrete and modest, on a beautiful jersey.