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Race Thread

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On a nationalistic note, another good performance by first year Cat Ferguson, who hasn't raced much this year. Hopefully she can do a fuller program next season. And sorry Shirin, but Ava Holmgren is my new favourite rider based purely on their ridiculously cheerful personality.
She did a bit of track racing this year at the end of the Christmas period, so one will have to wait to see what she does from now on. It was similar with Pidcock as he went to the same races in Alkmaar as a junior. She was won the RR and TT at the European Youth Olympics which I think Pidcock did quite well in. So, she's following in some decent footsteps.
Hoogerheide is about to see some more rain. With the margins being very small in this junior generation, this will shift balance of power. If we're purely looking at it from a logical standpoint, Leo Bisiaux is the man to beat, but if the course is affected and it becomes a heavy engine race, Seppe Van Den Boer or Viktor Vandenberghe will like their chances. Interesting to note is Andrew August, who will be starting on the front row. He races very little compared to the rest and has seen his fair share of bad luck, but he has posted some very good lap times. He could be the big surprise here. Also there's the battle of the first years between Remijn, Thompson and Seixas.

If the consensus of the season is respected, it'll probably look something like this:
  • * * * : Leo Bisiaux
  • * * : Yordi Corsus, Viktor Vandenberghe
  • * : Seppe Van Den Boer, Guus van den Eijden, AJ August
  • : Ian Ackert, Senna Remijn, Vaclav Jezek, Matthias Schwarzbacher, Wies Nuyens
As expected really; Van Anrooij wins, and Zoe is 2nd; a good race from the Czech rider Zemanova who possibly flew under the radar. It was never a course for Burquier, lots of raw power with the flat sections....not really her thing.
And Schreiber must have gone down somewhere....
Schreiber signed for SD Worx, the death of any cyclocross career... ;)

All in all a wise choice by Van Anrooij to opt for the U23s, let's be honest, there's no way she would have beaten Van Empel on this course. Backstedt will be U23 world champion next year, you never know of course but in the current crop of talents I don't see anyone who is going to beat her.