Race Thread

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A couple of moves going on between teams. Earlier in the year Thomas Mein and Emiel Verstrygne have signed for the Tormans CX team, with the team apparently wanting to expand to have a couple of women on it aswell. Shirin van Anrooij has obviously signed with Telenet Baloise, with her sister now presumably replacing Manon Bakker at Experza CX. Speaking on of Bakker, her and the other rider in black Mees Hendrikx have both been scooped up by Creafin Fristads.
Interestingly Hendrikx had signed for Creafin last year when it wasn't part of the Roodhooft conglomerate of teams. However he seemed to end up with Acrog Balen for the first half of the season and was left teamless when they swapped from Pauwels Sauzen to Tormans.
Having watched the last races of the season I must say that Annemarie Worst looks very good on the bike. She together with Alvarado have progressed markedly in terms of solid technique and speed. The rest of the field look sketchier though. There is probably going to be a quick development in improved technique and speed as the younger riders are more likely to be better bike handlers. Guess this follows what we see among junior men that look really solid. Shows that cyclocross has a positive momentum and that it is a good way into all kinds of professional cycling.

On a side note will we see Ryan Kamp closing in on the top 10 elite men next year or is it too early yet?
Michael Vanthourenhout has got to be one of the most frustrating riders to be a fan of - he really lacks a winning instinct. I truly think he was the strongest guy this weekend and came away empty handed twice. He just seems to lack confidence. He never seems to want to carry on with an attack and is always looking back for someone else to take over despite the fact he seems to have one of the worst sprints in the field.