Teams & Riders Søren Kragh Andersen AKA "Mr. Andersen"

Maybe. He seems to be coming into his own the last few years, although I think he will be best known for his nickname!

A quality rider but maybe at age 25 or so, he is what he is. But I defer to the Danes on the board. I Googled him and didn't realize that there was a much more famous Kragh the way, how do you pronounce his surname: Crag, Cray, Crah? Or something else?
Also please to change the KRAKEN reference o_O. Thank you in advance :confused_old:.

Here is why it makes no sense because the sea monster name is pronounced in a totally different way to the cyclist's name :oops:. So that nickname is really weak and not a good look imho :).
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This nonsense clearly shows that he doesn't deserve his own thread. If all we can argue about is how to write his name in English, he must not be much of a rider.

That aside, as a native English speaker who works as an editor in Europe, I can say with 100 percent certainty that you render umlauts etc with an extra "e" if you do not have the proper accent mark on your comptuer. So Sören becomes Soeren etc....
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