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Teams & Riders The Remco Evenepoel is the next Eddy Merckx thread

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Should we change the thread title?

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But hadn't been at altitude yet.
And Pogi/Jonas would've won with bad tactics.
Apparently Pogi/Jonas can do everything according to you without really having done that.

If I am not mistaken you are one of those that usually go into the Pog-thread and telling his victories does not have any values since they are against lesser competition.
Don't even know what that has to do with this.
I'm glad you are here to inform people when i'm joking or not.

I already replied to your post. He wants to be a GC/GT rider, then we should be able to discuss his weight, which is one of the most important factors for GC riders, in case you didn't know. He obviously isn't "fat" but he is way too heavy for a GC rider who wants to contest the TDF. That's a simple fact.
Way too heavy ? Are you serious ? Evenepoel has not the built of a climber. He has not the weight of a climber (related to his lenght). Nor should he has the weight of a climber. Not only for his health. Weighting 58/59 kg would lead to one or two strong mountainstages.... only to crash completely afterwards.
People are mistaken about Evenepoel because he happens to be small (in lenght). But in fact he is a Indurain type of rider. But today that's not enough against the (natural) skeletar watt-monsters. As I wrote before, there's is one exception. Pogacar. He seems to have it all. Immense talent, good proportions, good levers.
So, Evenepoel will always have to compete in another category, when it concerns GT's. His talent and physical proportions make it ideal for small stage races and difficult one-day races. But please, stop by criticizing him because he also has ambitions for GTs and the Tour. You should be pleased that such a type of rider has those ambitions..... and already succeeded once in the Vuelta 22. I don't exclude that Evenepoel, even not having the ideal tools for GT's will win another GT, or even the Tour during his career.
Mate, Thomas doesn't have half of the talent of Evenepoel, and he won the Tour. Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time, plus some ilness or bad luck or other goals from some top GT rider, and it happens.
Exactly. That's why I think Evenepoel could win another GT and even the Tour. If all goes well. But I also think that the younger Thomas in his best years wouldn't be able to beat Vingegaard or Pogacar in the Tour. That's why for Evenepoel, even more talented, it would be difficult to beat those two monsters of GT's. But not impossible.
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In the newspaper the team doctor says he needs to drop only 1kg for his optimal GT weight , around 62,5kg.
“We don’t want him to be too light because that happened before and that’s really bad.”

Couple days rest now. Going to Isola with Van Wilder, Pedersen and Hirt for 2 weeks at altitude and recon of stage 17 and 19.
This shows how he is not GT material (his Vuelta is really an outlier). He won Vuelta and his race weight was someting close to 61 kg but they don't want him to reach that weight again. I don't get it...
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Clearly i have not beaten the topic to death since it is still very much relevant. I read the quote, we were just discussing it above your post. If he knows he adds 2kg in 3 weeks off the bike (an extremely conservative estimation, surely) then why doesn't he or the team take that into account? It IS possible to have a diet that lets you keep your current weight. Stop acting like it is a foregone conclusion that off the bike HAS to mean, adding weight. It doesn't.

I'll gladly stop acting pedantic when you stop telling people what i mean or believe, or when i am making a joke or not. Did you think when i said he was touching Soler's butt to see how fat he was, that i was being serious? I think 8 out of 10 posts i've made on the subject the past few days were jokes. Yes, i believe he is too heavy, you clearly do as well, and he himself has admitted it. The issue i have is with the lack of professionalism. First of all, no way 1 to 1.5kg (as Lefevere claimed) are going to cut it. Not even 2. And believing that will solve the issue come TDF is asinine. And secondly, why TF can't he show restraint while off the bike? Now he'll need to lose a portion of that weight during the actual TDF, which is not advantageous, and he has basically forfeited his chances in the Dauphiné, because had he in fact been some 2.5-3kg lighter here, he would have been close to the win, even with his current form.
Well Logic, where do you get that medical o_Obackground from?
When recovering from different fractures and surgery one never goes on a (strong) diet. Just the opposite. Of course one has to be carefull with fat and carbohydrates. But follow a normal healthy diet after fractures and surgery will naturally lead too weight gain. And the more Evenepoel with his bodybuilt. After his Lombardia-crash, the revalidation, the first riding, the proper training, he and his team had the silly idea of participating the Giro 21. Even without prior competition. Using "your system" of forced diet. We all know the result.
So, the problem of Evenepoel today is not a wrong diet. But the problem was and is a severe crash with two fractures. He will suffer the consequences during the Tour and perhaps the rest of the season. Meanwhile he is doing a good job. So that he will probably be able to start the Tour at 99%. Maybe show some nice things during the final week.
It wasn't wright, was it?

No idea, but let's be honest: t, and Remco at climbing weight = 95% power for the TT. So it will never work out perfectly. He can only get a good result by being resilient, and I saw him working on that.
To the bolded, how do you known? We haven't seen what Remco can do in the skeletor version. I bet if he went to Ineos we'd get that.
Exactly. That's why I think Evenepoel could win another GT and even the Tour. If all goes well. But I also think that the younger Thomas in his best years wouldn't be able to beat Vingegaard or Pogacar in the Tour. That's why for Evenepoel, even more talented, it would be difficult to beat those two monsters of GT's. But not impossible.
Nevertheless like i said, sometimes is about being at the right place, at the right time. He doesn't need necessarily to beat Vingegaard and Pogacar to win the Tour one day. Nibali didn't needed to beat Froome and Contador to win the Tour.